When it comes to sustainable home energy solutions, you can trust the experts at Empire NRG Consultants. Our business model was developed with one goal in mind: to help people improve the energy efficiency of homes and commercial buildings. We make this happen by providing a variety of services and products that are customized to suit the specific needs of each customer. We identify the right products and services by performing free energy audits. If you are ready to slash your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, we are ready to help.


More than 15 Years EXperience
Free Energy audit and solar consultation
UTility prices continue to increase
Fully Insured and BONDED
Individually Designed plan for your home or building
Focus On
customer service


For any inquiries, please call or email us:

817.343.8446 | 682.302.2234


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1500 N Main Street

Fort Worth, TX




State: TX
Trade: Texas - Master Electrician
License #: 22863
Expiration: 05/11/2018

State: TX

Trade: Texas - Electrical Contractor

License #: 32507

Expiration: 03/24/2018


We strongly believe in the products we sell and the work we do. A system is designed and installed to last for decades, our focus is saving your family or business money and positively impacting the environment for everyone. At Empire we want you to be 100% satisfied through the entire install process and in the years to come. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and personally getting to make a difference for you and your home.

1500 N Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas


Main Office: 817.343.8446

Auditor Direct Line: 682.302.2234

Customer Service: 817.935.8773

Email: Empire@empirenrgconsultants.com

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